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Here are a few things that a SEO Sacramento company who’s services are worth their cost would do for you. I am giving you this information because I care about the success of your business – whether you use my services or somebody else’s. I just want you to know what should be done for your business in the best case scenario – the way our company would do it.

First of all, you need to understand who is looking for your services or products, and what keywords they use. This is keyword research, and it is extremely important to do it right.

For one, you need to find all the main keywords your products or services are searched for. This is basics. The difficulty here is that all your competitors are probably already targeting these keywords too, because this is what the high-volume traffic is looking for. But what about the low-volume traffic? What about the searches that don’t have any competition, because nobody has discovered them yet? Remember, low-volume doesn’t mean low-value, quite the opposite. The untargeted traffic can bring you quite a bit of business. Our company takes this into account while performing keyword research for you.


Web design is a separate type of graphic design, which includes the development and design of objects of the Internet environment. Professional web design is designed to ensure the highest possible aesthetic and consumer qualities of the advertised product or service, to attract the attention of the audience.

Landing page has gained great popularity due to the high conversion of site visitors into customers. Its main functions are sell-sell-sell. Usually includes a unique selling proposition, blocks for capturing visitors’ contacts, reviews, examples of work, promotions, feedback forms, contacts selling trigger points.

Website for business – a modified version of the landing page. The main task is to provide site visitors with information about you, your services or products. Usually includes information about the company, contacts, map, feedback form, reviews, price, information about goods or services.

The main task of the online store is to present your products to site visitors and buy them on the site. Usually includes information about your store, product catalog, product card, cart, online payments, feedback form, contact information, reviews, blog, personal account, product filter, calculator. Each product has a separate page with its description, photos and characteristics.

The main task is to present your products to site visitors. Usually includes information about the company, contacts, map, product catalog, feedback form, reviews. Each product has a separate page with its description, photos and characteristics.

The main task for which a corporate website is being created is comprehensive business support and development assistance. The goals of creation are largely dependent on the specifics of the business, but the following are the most common reasons for creating a website:
formation of the company’s image, promotion on the Internet, optimization of business processes.

Promotion in social networks (SMM) – serves to attract potential customers to their products through social networks. This type of business promotion in social networks is very popular, as it is very effective.

A set of measures designed to increase traffic to the site and raise it in the positions of search engines in the first place. Web resource promotion is an important part of any business.

Contextual advertising is an advertising notice, which is shown in accordance with the content of the Internet page. If you have a new and not untwisted site, then the best way is contextual advertising.

The next important questions to answer after researching keywords is – how are you ranking for these keywords right now and what does Google think of your site? Does it even see it? Is it all the way down because you’ve made some simple (or not so simple) errors that Google is punishing you for? Could you be on top of all of your competition? (You could, and we’ve done it many times for our clients). What on-page SEO could be done to improve your positions? What linking strategy should you use? What resources for link-building does your SEO company have? We are proud to say that we never buy links (for which Google can punish you, since they are not stupid in 2015). All the links that we use come from our own manually built private blog networks.

Further on, what about your content? Is it original? Is it relevant? Does it contain keywords? Is it over-optimised, too saturated with keywords? Did you know that Google can punish you for that too? Do you know how to effectively use synonyms for your keywords in your content? Do you have duplicate content?

These and other important questions are what we focus on in our work to optimize your content for higher ranking results.

Finally, what SEO strategy do you have for future? SEO work shouldn’t be just a one-time thing. Google is changing it’s algorithms all the time, and your competitors are working on their rankings as well, so it is very important to maintain your rankings over time. We will analyze your current position and create an effective strategy for you to keep your site high on the first page of the search.

I hope this information is useful for you and your business and I will be happy to hear from you!

And if you’re looking for Seo Sacramento expert or company that helps you to rank your website, feel free to contact me.



  1. You fill out our brief (questionnaire form). On the basis of the brief, we draw up a technical task for the development of the site. We agree on the deadlines for all these works and prepare the contract.
  2. We sign the contract, you credit the advance payment in the amount of 50%. The first stage of work will be the development of prototypes based on your brief and technical task, in order to understand whether we are going in the right direction.
  3. We make changes and continue to work. We provide the design of the main page of the site, make changes.
  4. We approve the general concept. We develop the design of secondary pages, make changes.
  5. After the delivery of the design, we sign the act of completed work on the design of the site, you enroll an advance payment of 25%. We begin the layout and programming of the site.
  6. We provide the final version of the site. Sign the act of the work performed.
  7. You transfer the final 25%, after receiving the payment, we conduct training on working with the site and provide all the passwords from the site.

Yes, we have technical support sites. It includes:

  1. Site Administration
  2. Providing and maintaining quality hosting
  3. Attendance reports
  4. Backup
  5. Virus protection
  6. Site update

Term site development depends on internal and external factors. Internal factors are the complexity of your project (the number of functions that the site must perform) and the amount of work (the number of pages / information you want to post). External factors are your participation in the development of the site (providing the necessary information at the time), technical task. The average time to create a website in our company is 16-20 business days.

The main types of advertising on the Internet:

  1. Contextual advertising – enter any query in the search engine, the first position labeled “advertising” is the context. You pay for your target visitor in the event that he goes to your site.
  2. Seo – output the site to the top, the transitions to your site are free, website promotion takes about 6-8 months.
  3. Promotion in social networks – promotion and advertising of your brand in social networks, cheat group. Banner advertising in social networks.