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with a detailed optimization plan



Deadline 10 days

$ 300

  • Technical audit
  • SEO audit
  • Usability audit of the main page of the site (or another to choose from)
  • Unified report on technical audit and SEO audit
  • Report with recommendations for improving the usability of the home page


Lead time 20 days

$ 450


  • Technical audit
  • SEO audit
  • Usability audit of website design and services
  • Unified report on technical audit and SEO audit
  • Report with recommendations for improving site usability


Lead time 30 days

$ 600

  • Technical audit
  • SEO audit
  • Usability audit of website design and services
  • Audit of site selling abilities
  • Unified report on technical audit and SEO audit
  • A single report with recommendations to improve the usability of the site and increase the selling ability of the site


To answer this question, you need to understand what each of the audits is.

The basis of each tariff is technical and SEO audit

Technical errors in the program code may interfere with the correct operation of the site, lead to incorrect display of its individual elements and adversely affect the speed of its loading.

Errors in search engine optimization site may interfere with the search engines correctly identify the site and give it to users for targeted requests.

Therefore, to make sure that potential customers can find the site in search results and work correctly with it, it is necessary to evaluate the technical and search state of the site. For this, a technical audit and SEO audit are carried out.

During the technical audit, the following is analyzed:

  • How long does your website load?
  • Does your site look the same in different browsers?
  • Are there any errors in the site code?
  • Is the human readable URL used?
  • Does the site have “mirrors”?
  • Is the linking on the site configured correctly?
  • Are there any incorrect links and duplicate pages on the site?
  • Are all site modules configured and configured correctly?
  • Do java scripts and flash animation work correctly?


Extended data on all the technical problems of the site, which may interfere with its promotion and development. Based on this analysis, it will be possible to build a list of priority actions to eliminate technical problems.

During SEO audit checks:

  • indexing site pages
  • trast flow citation flow
  • availability in well-known catalogs
  • inbound and outbound reference mass
  • unique content
  • the presence of important content on flash
  • current visibility for key queries
  • the possibility of finding a site under PS filters.


Useful information about why this or that page does not reach the TOP, how to increase the credibility of the site on the part of search engines, and also what further work should be to improve the quality of the resource and its promotion among competitors.

Further, depending on how deeply you want to explore the quality of your site, you can choose one of three audit options:

  • To obtain information about the strengths and weaknesses of only one, but the most important page of the site, it is recommended that usability audit homepage (or another page to choose);
  • For a detailed, detailed analysis of the design, structure, navigation and functionality of the entire site, it is recommended that full usability audit;
  • To analyze not only the internal state of the site, but also its external environment, it is recommended, in addition to usability audit, audit of website selling abilities.

Usability audit of the main page of the site (or another to choose from):

The main page is the “face” of the site. It is with her that users most often begin acquaintance with a site. Therefore, it can often depend on how well the main page is completed, whether the user continues to explore the site or leaves it in a few seconds.

The usability audit of the main page of the site involves a detailed analysis of its structure and content, as well as the attractiveness of the information posted on it.

At the request of the customer, he can choose for audit another page of the site that is important to him (for example, the order page, or product card, or the page with which visitors most often leave).


Detailed recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the main or other landing page of the site. Implementation of all recommendations will help to make the selected page more attractive and convenient for visitors, which ultimately will improve the behavioral characteristics of the entire site.

Usability audit of the home page together with technical audit and seo audit make up the tariff “Базовый”.

Full usability audit:

Allows you to give recommendations on how to make the site structure more understandable to the user and improve the overall attractiveness of the site.

As part of the usability audit, it evaluates:

  • Convenience of navigation and search for necessary information on the site;
  • Compliance with the design and design of the site;
  • Correct display of graphic and media content;
  • Ease of reading texts and the correctness of their design.

Our experts recommend ordering usability analysis in the following cases:

  • When the site has a high level of traffic, but very few targeted actions are performed (online orders, calls, purchases);
  • When your company needs to increase the return on the Internet resource and increase the number of registrations, orders, calls;
  • When users express their dissatisfaction and the percentage of refusals from viewing pages is extremely high.


A complete list of recommendations for improving the ergonomics of a resource.

Implementation of all recommendations and correction of detected errors in the design, navigation and other elements of the site will improve the quality of the site, strengthen its competitive advantages, expand the sales funnel and ultimately increase the number of orders from the site.

Full usability audit together with technical and SEO audit make up the tariff “Юзабилити-аудит”.

Audit of website selling abilities:

It is an extended complement to usability audit, in which more emphasis is placed on the marketing analysis of the site.

This audit allows you to look at the site through the eyes of a potential buyer and determine what repels it from ordering services or acquiring a product.

As part of the audit of the selling abilities of the site is carried out:

  • Analysis of the needs of the target audience;
  • Analysis of the actions of site visitors, analysis of behavioral factors;
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of competitors of the resource on the Internet;
  • The study of technologies and functions used by competing sites, as well as foreign resources of similar subjects with the aim of their possible effective implementation on the client’s site.


An idea of ​​the marketing environment of the company on the Internet, as well as the most important visual recommendations for developing the site into a modern resource with a high conversion of visitors to customers. All these data will allow you to correctly orientate the site in relation to the target audience and profitably distinguish it from competitors, while taking on their positive experience.

Audit of the site’s selling abilities together with usability audit, technical audit and seo audit constitute a tariff“Increase sales”.