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Website design is connected and very important for your website sales ability.

Stylish and memorable appearance of your site – it will be easier for the user to enter the sales funnel and make a purchase

Web development will not be effective without SEO.

A site is a tool for selling your product or service – our team creates sites that start selling in the first month


A business card site is a kind of electronic business card where information about an enterprise, company or person is succinctly provided. The site briefly describes information about services, provides prices and contact details of the owner. A business card site is perfect for attracting an audience and acquainting users with primary information about a person or organization.

stages of creating A BUSINESS CARD SITE


Development of goals and objectives of a business card site

The information should be clear so that potential customers can easily navigate the page. The first thing a user should see is contacts. Proper distribution of information on the page will be an undoubted advantage and will distinguish a business card site from the background of other single-page sites.


Original design layout

Font development, selection of color schemes and unique graphic images. Unique graphics. Our experts select an individual design for each client.


Layout of a business card site

This development stage does not require the presence of a customer; specialists have all the necessary tools to perform this task.


Filling business card site with thematic content

Filling the site of the business card with thematic content.


The catalog site is an Internet resource where the list of goods is located, with the attached description and relevant photos. The purpose of the catalog site is to familiarize site visitors with the list of products from the catalog. Information on such an Internet resource is usually written in great detail. It includes news and articles about products. Creating a catalog site will be beneficial, first of all, to those who engage in wholesale or retail trade. The main distinguishing feature of the catalog site from other sites will be the lack of a basket in order to make a quick online purchase. Creating such a site has its advantages.

Advantages of developing a catalog site

  1. Fast terms and low cost. Unlike other multi-page sites, you can create a catalog site for a fairly short time and at an affordable cost.
  2. The ability to independently modify and edit existing pages.
    A function is provided to clean up to complement and change the proposed products. Also make the desired changes to the product description.
  3. Profitable feedback system. The client selects the product and leaves his contact information. Thanks to this opportunity, you can contact the client at any time convenient for you. Contact information is stored, which you can then use to further contact with the client.
  4. Tree structure of the site. The catalog site has a fairly large number of sections and subsections. There are articles on relevant topics, which holds the interest of a potential client.
  5. The most complete information provided in a convenient form. The user can see the photos and information about the product, he will also be able to use the search, which will simplify the task of finding what the client really needs. Thanks to the convenient interface, the client can quickly find the goods he needs.

We offer you our services in creating a catalog site for your business. Our development team creates only work sites and generates quality content.

stages of creating A SITE-CATALOG


setting primary goals and objectives

Competitor analysis, identifying the needs of the target audience


catalog site concept development


site layout

Website design, design proposal. Layout and testing of the catalog site


filling the site with thematic content

Functional programming, filling pages with information. Checks the health of the catalog site


hosting an internet directory on a hosting

Project launch and testing of the finished product in various modes


basic site optimization for search engines


TYPICAL solution

development period - 14 days

$ from 800

  • purchase template
  • installation and configuration of the template
  • template redesign
  • web layout
  • website optimization
  • content management system
  • site content
  • statistics setup
  • corporate mail
  • site training
  • mobile version

UNIQUE project

development period - 28 days

$ from 1400

  • corporate style development
  • unique design development
  • site layout
  • programming
  • website optimization
  • content management system
  • site content
  • statistics setup
  • corporate mail
  • site training
  • mobile version